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Hero Garage Door Repair

garage door service in brookhaven, GA.

Hero Garage Door has proudly been serving the Brookhaven area for years. Our highly experienced team can help you get the garage door service you and your family need. We specialized in garage door installment, garage door replacement, simple repairs or emergency services. Having a broken garage door is not only a hassle but also a hazard, you need a professional garage door repair in Brookhaven. If you have a broken garage door in Brookhaven then you can trust us with your garage door needs.

Hero Garage Door is licensed to fix broken garage door springs, sensors, tracks, openers and the many other parts involved in a garage door. Hiring an inexperienced garage door technician can not only be frustrating but also dangerous. Our garage door repair service team in Brookhaven are experienced and educated on the latest garage door technology and products.

At Hero we know it’s a big decision on who to trust with your garage door. However, with our highly experienced team we think we are up for the job. Hero Garage door in Brookhaven can repair, install and inspect your garage door. All with someone you can rely on and trust.

If your garage door is not opening, or perhaps not opening properly then it could be a broken garage door opener. It is best to call a professional garage door company like Hero Garage Door in Brookhaven to help fix the problem. Our Hero Garage Door team will help you diagnose the problem and give you possible solutions.

Hero Garage Door is proud to say we have same day service in Brookhaven. It is important to us that we have your garage door back to working as soon as possible.

Garage door cables undergo significant stress as they continuously bear the weight of the garage door. This constant strain leads to the gradual degradation of the cables, eventually causing them to snap. To ensure the garage door operates smoothly, promptly replacing the broken cables is essential. 

The lifespan of garage door openers varies significantly based on their quality and maintenance. High-quality garage door openers can function well for up to 30 years, while lesser-quality models might need replacement after about 10 years. Prioritizing the purchase of a durable garage door opener and adhering to proper maintenance routines are essential for maximizing its longevity. 

Prices for LiftMaster garage door openers vary widely, from $500 to $5000. The cost depends on the model you choose, with LiftMaster providing a variety of options for both residential and commercial uses. These models include different types like chain drive, belt drive, and wall-mounted openers.

◈ Garage Door Installation

Do you need a new garage door in Brookhaven? Hero garage door proudly serves the Brookhaven area. Our team not only fixes garage doors, but we install new ones too. Whether you just moved to the Brookhaven area or want to give your house a fresh look, you can count on Hero Garage door to install a new garage door. Together with our technicians you can choose, design or even custom make a new garage door that will suit you and your families needs.

◈ Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken garage door springs are one of the most common problems that can occur with a garage door. You can trust our Brookhaven team to safely replace your broken garage door springs. Garage door springs are one of the most powerful parts of your garage door, which is why it is essential you hire someone you trust. Hero Garage door in Brookhaven can be your hero in helping you fix your broken garage door springs.

Hero Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Inspections

Here at Hero Garage Door we suggest getting yearly inspections done on your garage door. This is to ensure that your garage door is working properly and there are no potential problems that can occur. Our team will come out and do a full inspection that can give you peace of mind that your garage door is working properly. Hero Garage Door in Brookhaven does it all, from a broken garage spring, openers or perhaps just a tune up we are here for you. Our mission is to not only fix your garage door but to make sure it lasts for years to come. You can trust our technicians to help you get your garage door back to working. Our team comes fully equipped to help you fix your garage door no matter the need. With our same day service in Brookhaven you can get the help you need without waiting days like some of our other competition. If you live in Brookhaven, call us at Hero Garage Door, a company you can trust.

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