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What To Look For In Garage Door Company Reviews

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Both residential and commercial garage door company reviews play an important role in guiding you towards the right service provider.

We asked the Garage Hero to let our clients know how to hire good Garage Door Suppliers in Atlanta, Georgia, or other major cities in the United States since there are a large number of providers.  The Garage Hero suggested having a good look at the reviews and he identified the points to look for when checking the review.

So, here is what to look for in garage door company reviews to identify the best company as per the Garage Hero!

Quality Service Delivery

When it comes to choosing a garage door company, it is always best to look for the “tried-and-tested” ones. By this, the Garage Hero means choosing a garage door provider based on their customer reviews. Previous customers of the company are often their best judges. 

These customers can tell us how satisfied they were with the company’s services. One can gauge the pros and cons of the company from the customer’s reviews. These reviews give you a first-hand account of the customer experience.  That is why one should always look for the quality of service delivery from the customer reviews.


Affordability is not based on how low or high the service fees are but on the fairness of prices for the quality of services. In this case, check for coupon offers and free accurate estimates in the reviews and review replies not law initial estimates and exorbitant bills later on.

While selecting a garage door company, one should also focus on the price. Customers who have dealt with the company can often equate their services to the price and say if they are justified. Everyone is willing to pay the right amount for satisfactory service. But no customer wishes to pay a huge amount when he can settle for less. Likewise one should also not opt for poor services for the sake of reducing the cost. 

So, always see what the customer has to say about the pricing of the garage door company. See if the company has offered any discounts or seasonal deals to the previous customers. Look for discount coupons, vouchers, and promo codes among the reviews and check if any are valid or merely bait and switch.


Good service personnel should keep the appointment and respond to emergencies with urgency. Keenly notice what the previously served customers are saying about the availability of the service provider.

Garage door issues crop up without notice. So, look for a garage door company that offers 24-hour service. Check the customer reviews of the Company online to see if they offer service- on call. 

See if they satisfied customers with their timely service. Was the company ready to service customers even at odd hours of the night?  Did they take the emergency call with seriousness and arrive on time? How much time did they take to arrive? These are the factors to look for in customer reviews. Besides this, look at their response time to customer reviews. All this will give you an idea of the timeliness of the response of the garage door company.


Check the profiles of the reviewers. fake reviews are the people who have no profile picture, have a new account, have zero previous reviews, etc.

Most of us select our garage door company based on customer reviews, but are all customer reviews true? Are they written by genuine customers? Possibly, not. Some reviews are from the company itself. Some are written by other competitors to damage the company’s reputation. That is why you should learn to spot the fake ones among the customer reviews. Fake customer reviews are those that do not have a name, profile picture, email ID, etc. Never believe in such anonymous reviews.

Look for the true reviews that have the customer details on them. These are the genuine proof of the customer’s experience with the company. True customers are always willing to share details like location, nature of the problem, etc. They do not hesitate to give their name, id or social media handle either. A reliable garage door company will have true customer reviews for sure. All you have to do is look for them.


Reviews carry more weight if they are from people in the local area. If you want to know how reliable the garage door company is, ask the local people or look for their reviews. People from the same neighborhood know the history and background of the garage door company. They must have watched it grow. So, they know each aspect of the garage door company. That is why one should look for local reviews. Local reviews can also tell you how this company fares vis-a-vis its competitors.  

Another credible source of information about the garage door company is Google Local Guides. These are reviews offered by customers along with photographs, directions on Google Maps, etc. One can rely on Google Local Guides are they are genuine first-hand accounts of people in the area backed by real photos. Since only experts can be Google Local Guides, you can believe their reviews without a doubt.

Safeguard your Atlanta garage door from fake service providers. Call the customer service team of Hero Garage Door at 470-386-9442 for any garage door installation or repair in Atlanta, Georgia. The Garage Hero will come directly to your location and take care of your garage door installation or garage door repair needs in Atlanta.

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