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Tips For Choosing The Right Garage Door Materials

Garage doors have always been an essential item to be considered in the purchase of a house. Garage doors keep one’s family and property safe from trespassers. Additionally, they add to the aesthetic value of the property. With a surge in automobile ownership and families having more than one car, garage doors have become indispensable. This coupled with the risks of parking outside during winter and the greater chances of a break-in make the garage door an indispensable feature of a house.

The garage door is the first decor visible on entering the property or from the street view. It is the last structure one sees while exiting the property, every single time. Thus, the garage doors style should never be a casual afterthought or seen just as a decorative door hardware. There are various materials and techniques used these days in the manufacture of garage doors. A buyer thus has a broader range for selection today when looking for a new garage door or a door replacement than perhaps two or three decades back.

Commonly Used Materials for Garage Doors

Wood doors and composite wood doors

Wood is the material of choice for standard or swing-out garage doors. Rosewood, cedar, cypress are some types of woods used in building sturdy garage doors. People also opt for timber and timber composite garage doors. With appropriate chemical treatment, wooden garage doors can be made moisture resistant. Moisture resistant garage door panels made of wood can be slightly expensive. They need regular upkeep however, for a classic Spanish or Mediterranean-style house door style, wooden garage panel doors add greatly to the aesthetics.

Fiberglass doors and plastic doors

Fiberglass is more economical than wood and offers a great option. Fiberglass offers more flexibility, as well. One can go in for fiberglass surface panels or complete fiberglass layer doors. Plastic doors also have made a foray in some homes lately.

Aluminum doors and composite doors

The use of aluminum as a base for garage doors has continued to stand the test of time. Aluminum bases do not offer the same insulation or dent resistance like other materials. However, an aluminum base is an excellent option if the garage is primarily used as a storage place and it is extremely light hence reducing the chances of injury during door malfunctions.

Steel doors

If one is looking for a cost-effective, low maintenance garage door, then using steel is the best option. Steel doors are also more versatile than others. Steel and light-weight aluminum sectional doors complement a minimalist exterior.

Glass doors

Glass panels add a hint of mid-century appearance to modern doors. They also help add depth to the door and are a great choice for a sleek and futuristic home and door design.

What to Look for While Buying Garage Door Hardware

While buying garage doors and other door related hardware, one needs to have a well thought out installation plan and post-installation plan. Some pointers in this regard include:

Door insulation

Determining the type of high-performance insulation a garage door needs depends on the function of the insulated garage door. Most garages do not need temperature control. However, one can consider insulating the garage to keep it energy efficient.

Door openers

There are different varieties of garage door openers. Contemporary garage doors can be operated and remotely controlled with mobile apps. The majority of the garage doors these days are automated. On the click of a remote control device, garage doors roll up and hinge. It is recommended that property owners replace their garage door openers, while they replace their garage doors. This practice ensures that the garage doors run smoothly and safely.

Door motion

For a more rustic look, one can choose a garage door that turns out on the hinge, instead of rolling up. These doors can be automated or manually operated. Sliding doors can be an excellent solution for modern or carriage design houses. Sliding doors technology for garages is relatively new and innovative. They are commonly used for big garage doors.

Service warranty

Having an installation warranty and extended service warranty is a must. Look for garage door suppliers in your area who offer reliable, professional and cost-effective garage door solutions. 

In conclusion, different types of garage doors come with distinct advantages and disadvantages. A property owner is advised to take a holistic approach while selecting the best doors for his home. Garage preview virtual software tools can help one virtually experiment with the design of a garage door. Careful consideration can help one choose a garage door that provides ease of use as well as security. 

Talk to an experienced Garage Door Company in Atlanta, GA like Hero Garage Door about the various material and design options before making your decision. 

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