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How To Choose The Perfect Garage Door For Your Home

Every attractive property has a characteristic appearance. Complimenting garage door designs bring out the uniqueness of your Georgia residence and increase the home value. Are you looking for something traditional or contemporary? Does your home have a rustic vibe? Is your garage going to be storage and parking space or a spare room? The functionality and additional uses of your garage and the decor of your home may determine your garage door choice. Climate is an essential factor in determining the material used in garage doors. Inclement weather can also determine the maintenance and upkeep cost and frequency.

The team at Hero Garage Door, a full service garage door installation and garage door repair company in Atlanta that understands the importance of choosing the perfect door in the right style. 

In this article, the Hero Garage Door team gives some important guidelines that will come in handy for a home or business owner while choosing to purchase a new garage door or when replacing their current door.

  • Only hire licensed and experienced service providers: Look for a reputed firm that has been in the garage door business for long before ordering your garage door. They should be licensed to operate in your City or State.  The garage door company should be able to provide you with a comprehensive itemized estimate. Mid-sized garage door service providers are generally more accessible and affordable than larger ones.
  • Check exact specifications and dimensions: Experienced garage door personnel always check the dimensions more than once, clarify the color, design and material options with the decision maker and examine the clearance path of the garage before drawing up the estimate and contract. There may also be great options and choices like custom color, customized door styles, battery backup, rated door and additional security features offered that you can take advantage of.
  • Ask for maintenance schedule and warranty: While drawing up a contract, insist on a maintenance schedule and additional protection for the garage door as well as the garage door opener. A sturdy garage door system is the right match of torsion springs, cords, components, braces, and more. Beware of companies that bring down the cost by using mismatched and low-quality elements for mounting the door. Some companies will even offer you an installation warranty.
  • Remember the weather conditions: Rust-resistant aluminum doors are the best choice for a humid region. Dual seal joints on the door panels will protect the interior from strong and high winds and moisture. You may need an arctic-grade bottom seal to keep the snow or water from flooding the garage. If your house is near a sea or an ocean, then it is necessary to review the temperature levels before installing an appropriate garage door.
  • Superior durability & reinforced insulation – For better and additional insulation, switch from using polystyrene to polyurethane. The effectiveness of an insulated garage door depends on the R-value of the materials used. R-value determines the degree of the material’s thermal efficiency. Higher the R-value of the garage door, better will be the insulation. A reputed garage door service provider will be able to provide you with different weather-lock options.
  • Is it the right decor and fits the functionality of the garage? Since garage doors serve purposes beyond aesthetics, finding a garage door that adds to the beauty of your home is essential. While choosing a garage door, you must also look at the functionality of the garage. Is your garage large and multi-functional? Would you be using your garage as a small workshop? Remember to discuss these aspects with your garage door service provider.
  • Ask for a virtual peek: Try out the online visualization software tool that will allow you to get a virtual sneak peek of your garage door on your mobile, computer or tab. For successful selection, play around with the device by mixing colors, types, frames, and more. Once you know what you are looking for, check if it fits your budget.          
  • Know the garage door material cost: There are a variety of materials you can choose from for a garage door. They vary in price, aesthetics, and durability. A 16-by-7 dual door made of moisture-resistant quality wood can range from $1200 to as high as $4000. Wooden doors are more flexible for customization. However, composite timber garage doors are more long-lasting than natural wood. Single layered, non-insulated doors can be procured for much cheaper. Rust-resistant aluminum and steel doors are the most affordable. The cost range for such doors can be $750 to $3500.

Given the technicalities, cost, and energy efficiency options available, it is vital to look for a trusted service provider for your garage doors.

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